Nutrition Counseling is provided by Tamra Rosenfeld, MS, RD, CDN a nationally accredited Registered Dietitian.

The Initial Nutrition Assessment is typically one hour in duration. In the first portion of the consultation, you discuss your current eating practices, medical history, and any special needs you may have. In the second portion of the visit Tamra assesses your estimated calorie needs and prepares a customized nutrition plan, that is specific to your needs and goals.

Follow-up visits last approximately 30 minutes. In these visits Tamra evaluates and modifies your nutrition plan, and provides further nutrition counseling as appropriate.

A Fitness Assessment will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, help to set both short and long-term goals, and will result in an individualized exercise program. The Fitness Assessment includes a Body Composition Analysis and estimate of your daily energy expenditure.

Using the results of the Fitness Assessment, and the latest scientific research, we will create an Exercise Program for you that will boost your metabolism and maximize your caloric expenditure. This will help you lose fat and reach your optimum body weight.

Regular Fitness Reassessments will help track your progress, and will be used to modify your exercise program.

Support Group Meetings will help you to stay motivated and focused.

We will also create an On-line Exercise Program for you that will make it possible for you to continue your workout at home or when you are away.

"After having my second child and at almost 40 (gulp), I collected my courage and went to Vadim Fitness Studio. I am so glad that I did. I am in better shape now than 10 years ago. I not only fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but clothing I haven't worn since I was a teenager (literally). Thanks to Vadim's workouts and nutritional counseling, I am in the best shape of my life and stronger than I ever thought possible."

Lani Perlman
"When my oldest son graduated from college and I saw the pictures....there, next to him staring right at me was a woman I did not know...me.. overweight! At the time I was going to a doctor at least once a week. I was steadily breaking down! I even had trouble walking up several flights of stairs. I have lost 70 lbs and have maintained the weight loss for the last three years! I now only go the doctor once a year....for my check-ups! I now look at fitness as an investment in my Future Quality of Life!"
Rosa H., of Tuckahoe, NY
"The hard work has been well worth the gains..
in energy, stamina, and strength:
and the loss of over 50 pounds."

Eddie H. of Long Island, NY
"Since we started training with Vadim - we have become half the people we used to be".

Larry and Sue of White Plains, NY
"After working with Vadim for several months, I noticed my muscles were getting stronger and my clothing size was getting smaller. I met with nutritionist who created a meal plan for me. Since following her plan, and continuing with the exercise program, my weight and clothing size have continued to decrease, while my strength and energy level have increased."

Ellen of Hartsdale, NY
Christine of Scarsdale, NY

FINE PRINT: Results ARE typical. Our professional team will always ensure success for committed people.

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