Fit Kids & Teens TM

We'll help your kids get into the best shape for the activities they like to participate in or the sports they like to play.

Our performance-enhancement workouts are fun and are designed especially for young athletes.

  • Increase Strength, Speed, Agility, Balance, Control, & Coordination

  • Improve your child's ability to play sports while reducing the risk of injury

  • Improve Posture and Body Composition


Research shows that strength training is a safe and effective method of conditioning for children (provided that appropriate exercise guidelines are followed). It also helps children improve their body composition, enhance their bone mineral density, and reduce injuries in sports and recreational activities.

All kids enjoy individual or small group sessions, no matter what shape they are in. Come to our Studio for better performance and health - you and your child will love it!

For more information, or to get a brochure and registration form,
call (914) 725-9553

Individual Training Session - $85.00 each.

Partner Shared Workout - $55.00 per individual.

Group Training Session - $20.00 per individual.

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