October 17, 2012

Easing the Transition to Cold Weather Workouts

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As the seasons change your workouts must change as well. Fortunately, there are many options for indoor exercise even if you do not have access to a club or indoor gymnasium. With the addition of a few key pieces of home gym equipment, treadmills or ellipticals, you can transition to cold weather workouts without missing a beat.


There are a number of abdominal exercises that can be performed with no equipment at all. We are all familiar with crunches, but when you move your workouts indoors you should take this opportunity to incorporate the full range of ab exercises to your schedule.

Let’s face it – workouts that are more comfortable are more inviting. Therefore, you should consider the small investment in foam exercise pads and soft stability balls to enhance your abdominal workouts.


The options for indoor strength training are wide open. Using only your own body weight, push ups are among the best exercises for building and maintaining your overall upper body strength. A simple chin-up bar can be installed in a closet doorway and is a fantastic, low-cost addition to your workout schedule.

Adding dumbbells, barbells and a weight bench to your indoor gym will take your strength training to another level. Also keep in mind that isometrics, in which you use your body’s own muscles in opposition to one another, are a proven method for toning muscles that can be done anywhere without any equipment.


Elliptical trainers, treadmills and indoor cycling require little space and can provide all the aerobic exercise you will need in cold weather. Ellipticals, treadmills and cycling are low impact workouts that burn lots of calories and will keep you fit throughout the year. They are all easy to use and that is one of the keys to maintaining your fitness level through indoor workouts.

Jump ropes are another simple option for indoor aerobic exercise. If you have a place to mount a speed bag or even a heavy bag, boxing provides another fantastic opportunity for indoor cardiovascular exercise. Finally, do not forget that moving your body up the stairways at work or home can burn lots of extra calories and can help compensate for the warm weather activities that you put on hold over the winter.


Just as you would never overlook stretching as part of your warm weather regimen, keeping limber is even more important when it turns cold outside. So be sure to maintain or even improve upon your stretching program indoors during cold weather.


One advantage to indoor workouts is that you can watch exercise DVDs, or your favorite sports or television shows, during your workouts. This will help to maintain your motivation as you move indoors, and it will also provide you with educational opportunities. Learning how to maximize the benefits of your fitness program will help you all year long.

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November 29, 2010

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May 24, 2010

Link Found Between Calcium and Boys’ Metabolism

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From Reuters Health Information
Link Found Between Calcium and Boys’ Metabolism

By Amy Norton

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) May 12 – Boys who get plenty of calcium in their diets may use more calories at rest compared with boys who consume less calcium, a new study suggests.

The findings, reported online April 19th in the Journal of Pediatrics, may help explain why some studies have linked higher calcium intake to lower body-fat levels in children and adults.

For the study, Dr. Jose Fernandez at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and colleagues looked at the relationship between children’s reported calcium intake and their resting energy expenditure.

Calcium is known to help regulate metabolism, so if it has effects on body fat accumulation, it may do so by influencing calorie use at rest, the researchers reasoned.

The researchers collected detailed dietary information from a multiethnic cohort of 315 children ages 7 to 12. They recorded the children’s body fat levels and, after an overnight stay in the research lab, their resting calorie expenditure.

Overall, the researchers found, there was no strong direct relationship between the children’s calcium intake and their levels of body fat. There was, however, a correlation between higher calcium intake and higher resting metabolism. And a higher resting metabolism, in turn, was related to lower body-fat levels.

When the researchers looked at boys and girls separately, they found that the link between calcium and resting metabolism was apparent only in boys.

The findings, according to Dr. Fernandez, suggest that calcium may affect body-fat accumulation via its influence on resting energy expenditure.

It’s not clear why the association was seen only in boys. “We think it may have to do with reproductive hormones,” Dr. Fernandez said, “but we don’t know yet.”

Estrogen, he and his colleagues note, is known to encourage fat accumulation, while testosterone drives the buildup of lean body tissue.

The ultimate impact of calcium on body weight, however, remains uncertain. Many factors — from genetics to overall diet and exercise levels to socioeconomics — influence a person’s risk of becoming overweight or obese, and the relative importance of calcium is unknown.

Much more research is needed, Dr. Fernandez said, including studies into how calcium might affect body fat differently according to age, sex and race or ethnicity.

Journal of Pediatrics 2010.

Reuters Health Information © 2010 

May 6, 2010

Proper Nutrition Essential in Comprehensive Cancer Care

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By Jack P. Bleeker

Proper nutrition is important for all individuals, but can be critically important for those who are battling cancer. For this reason, proper nutritional regimens are now being included in comprehensive cancer treatment plans and are a staple of integrative oncology. While proper nutrition cannot, in and of itself, cure cancers, it can provide strength and health to a patient who will need it as they battle their disease. It is not only symptoms of aggressive cancers like mesothelioma, but also their treatment with methods like chemotherapy that will demand proper nutrition.

Malnutrition can be extremely harmful to a cancer treatment regimen, and must be kept in mind when considering each individual patient’s treatment roadmap. Cachexia and anorexia are common causes of malnutrition in cancer patients. Nearly all patients who develop extensive disease will battle anorexia, with common symptoms being weight loss and loss of appetite. Cachexia is a debilitating wasting syndrome causing weakness and loss of weight and is particularly common in those battling cancers of the lung (such as pleural mesothelioma), pancreas, and gastrointestinal tract. Cachexia is similar to starvation in healthy individuals, but cancer patient’s bodies are unable to make the adjustments to slow down the use of nutrients.

Proper eating habits for those battling cancer and undergoing cancer treatment can help fight the breakdown of muscle strength, enhance tissue reconstruction, and stave off infection in those with compromised immune health. Those who are able to maintain their health through nutrition and exercise will typically be eligible to receive more aggressive dosages of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Each individual patient’s treatment plan will require the advice of cancer specialists and physicians who are able to make an assessment of the patient’s overall health. Dr. David Sugarbaker of the Brigham and Womens Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA will work closely with each of his patients battling thoracic cancers, including malignant mesothelioma, and develop an individual mesothelioma treatment guide, including recommendations on proper cancer nutrition.

While malignant mesothelioma is far from the only cancer that demands proper nutrition in patients, it is particularly important given the current lack of a mesothelioma cure in those patients battling aggressive later-stage disease. That being said, all cancer patients will benefit from the strength and overall health that proper and sound recommendations doctors and nutritional specialists can provide them with. Cancer patients as well as family members and caregivers seeking further information about proper nutrition in cancer care should seek the advice of these individuals and apply them to a patient’s particular circumstances and needs.
National Cancer Institute. Overview: Nutrition in Cancer Care 2005
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University. Nutritional Resources Overview . Boston, MA 2009

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November 13, 2009

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Cindy Joseph Cindy Joseph

Excellence in Westchester

I had the belief that NYC was the only place I could find the best of anything. From specialty stores to restaurants, and clothing stores to fitness trainers, NYC was it!

I moved to Yonkers in 1999, looking for the benefits of living outside the city. Within the first few days of landing in suburbia, I was waking to the delightful song of birds outside my bedroom window. In the evenings, I was relaxing to the soothing rhythm of crickets. After a few weeks, chatting with friendly neighbors, sleeping through quiet nights and taking leisure walks along the Hudson River, became routine.

Shopping around town with no worry of my car being towed and the thrill of filling my trunk with mega sizes of everything, was making the transition from city to suburbs progress along quite nicely. And the list of things I was racing back to the city for was growing shorter as well.

However, the thought of replacing my fitness trainer was hard to imagine. I am a Ford Model. The success of my career depends on how I look. I need an expert to help keep me in shape. It took three hours going to and from the city for my workouts. I would sometimes miss the first 10 minutes looking for parking, only to be greeted with a ticket on my windshield afterwards. After a year of this stressful commute, I had spent enough on parking tickets, garages, trainers and gym fees to build a fitness room of my own.

I finally decided to do some research and see if I could find an acceptable trainer in Westchester. After a quick Google search I found one to checkout.

I walked into Vadim Fitness Studio with skepticism, believing I would have to compromise my fitness training. Vadim’s initial persona seemed very serious. However, his dry humor surfaced as he led me through a very thorough assessment. He tested my strength, balance, stamina, endurance, co-ordination and body fat. I was impressed by his level of expertise and his knowledge was vast. My confidence in Vadim was growing as the session continued that day. I scheduled a workout with him right away.

From the first session I experienced results I had not felt or seen before. He helped me recognize my strengths and build on them. He was also able to pinpoint any past injuries and adjust the workout to fit my needs. As the weeks continued, my training with Vadim took my workouts to a whole new level. It was everything I wanted and more. I was certainly relieved when I found his fee was not as high as his level of excellence. He charged half of what I paid in NYC, and no gym fees!

Over the years I have noticed that vanity has not been a great motivator for me to “stick with it.” Although my body was improving in form, Vadim led me to realize it was not my main goal. Vadim focuses on core strength, safety, balance and coordination, knowing overall fitness includes much more than having “buns of steel.”

Not only do I know I am I in good hands with a highly qualified trainer, I enjoy my workouts! Vadim makes it fun. He changes up the routine so I never get bored. He often presents me with new challenges making it fresh and entertaining. Every few weeks he pulls out new and colorful equipment that spark my curiosity and tests me in new ways. My workouts go by quickly because of the great variety of physical training Vadim offers.

Previously, I have never stuck with a workout longer than 6 months. I would get bored and then discouraged. The trainers I had before would use guilt or fear to try and get me back. Vadim uses encouragement and positive reinforcement.

It’s been over a year now and I am as enthusiastic as when I started. My body has never served me so well. I am stronger and more balanced at 58 years old than ever before!

I am now convinced that I can find excellence beyond the borders of NYC. Vadim Fitness Studio has proved that.

September 29, 2009

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Vadim Fitness Studio now presents monthly Nutrition Seminars. Please join us for:

Portion Measuring and Control
moderated by
Tamra Rosenfeld, Registered Dietitian

Saturday October 24th at 10:00-11:00 AM
Tuesday October 27th at 6:30-7:30 PM

Fee: $20 per person
Reservations are required and space is limited
Call (914) 725-9553 to reserve your spot.

495 Central Park Ave., Suite 207, Scarsdale, NY 10583

July 4, 2009

The Do Good Workout

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By Julie Revelant

Summer’s just a few short weeks away and as the warm weather approaches and the layers of clothes come off, everyone’s looking to get in shape and look good for swimsuit season. And for Scarsdale residents, it couldn’t be easier or better for the community. Vadim Vilensky and his Vadim Fitness Studio are offering their new Boot Camp training program and a percentage of the profits will be donated to Our Lady of Good Counsel Academy in White Plains, where the program is held.

The Boot Camp’s unique fusion of cardio, endurance, strength training, and balance is an intense workout for experienced athletes and newcomers alike. The fast-paced circuits utilize elastic bands, kettlebells, balance discs, and hurdles to increase endurance, strength, balance, agility, and coordination. Vadim and his crew emphasize correct form and safety and provide the utmost in personal attention.

Here, Vilensky gives his best tips for Boot Camp success:

• Eat breakfast: Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast before they work out work harder and longer, and they feel better.

• Pace yourself. During each interval, you can use lighter or heavier weights and do more or less repetitions depending on your level of fitness. The unique design of the program allows both beginners and advanced athletes to work together.

• Make it count: Don’t sacrifice correct form to fit in more repetitions or lift heavier weights.

• Slow down: If you can’t talk you’re probably working too hard. Work your hardest on the last circuit, not the first.

• Stop competing: Don’t worry if your partner can lift more weight. Challenge yourself and do the best you can.

• Don’t quite: You might be sore but it’s only because you’re not used to this type of workout. Stick it out and you’ll see results.

• Be a team player: Arrive on time, pay attention and listen for instructions.

• Warm up, cool down, and drink water when you’re thirsty.

January 21, 2009

Please join the Hot Flashes team and help fight multiple sclerosis! Sunday, April 19, 2009 at Rye Playland or Saturday, May 16 at Bear Mountain

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Walk with “The Hot Flashes” team at Rye Playland on Sunday, April 19th, or at Bear Mountain on Saturday, May 16th, and be part of the quest to “stamp out” Multiple Sclerosis .

Click on the logo above to sign up on line, or come to the walk and look for “The Hot Flashes” T-shirts.

Vadim Fitness Studio, Ltd. is a proud sponsor of the “Hot Flashes” MS Walk Team.

January 7, 2009

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