November 18, 2012

Hold the stuffing please…

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Tamra Rosenfeld Tamra Rosenfeld

Although Thanksgiving is only one day, between that and leftovers weight gain can easily occur.
The average person on Thanksgiving alone can consume 2000-4000 calories (3500 calories is
equivalent to 1 lb of fat weight gain). You can’t always know how food is prepared but you can
make some better choices to lighten the calorie load.

Turkey is usually the Thanksgiving food of choice, and you may want to include it in your diet
regularly. Turkey is low in fat (without the skin) and calories, and also high in protein. It has
many vitamins and minerals that provide health benefits. Turkey contains selenium which is
an anti-oxidant, and also beneficial for your immune system. It also contains niacin which may
protect against some cancers, and vitamin B6 for energy production and blood sugar regulation.
White meat contains fewer calories and less fat than the dark meat. So this Thanksgiving you
may want to avoid some of the fattening sides and add an extra helping of turkey to your plate!

Foods to fill up on:

Soup – although high in sodium, usually a low calorie food. Watch out for cream based soups.
Salad – 1 cup of leafy greens is only 25 calories. Be careful when adding salad fixings and
Vegetables – vegetables have 25 calories in 1/2 cup cooked. Even with butter vegetables are still
one of the lowest calorie Thanksgiving items.
Turkey – limit high fat gravy to a spoonful
Fruit – when it is dessert time load up your plate with fruit (if available) and put small helpings
of the other dessert items on the side.

Foods to limit (consume in smaller portions):

Cranberry sauce – have you ever tasted a cranberry? Think of all the sugar that was needed to
make it so sweet.
Stuffing – this can vary depending on preparation but is often high in sodium, calories, and fat.
Mashed potatoes – usually made with butter and cream this dish is high in carbs, fats, and salt
Gravy – if skimmed of fat it may be low in calories. If oily use with caution.
Desserts – take small helpings of the dessert that you desire most. Eat slowly and savor the

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