October 17, 2012

Easing the Transition to Cold Weather Workouts

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As the seasons change your workouts must change as well. Fortunately, there are many options for indoor exercise even if you do not have access to a club or indoor gymnasium. With the addition of a few key pieces of home gym equipment, treadmills or ellipticals, you can transition to cold weather workouts without missing a beat.


There are a number of abdominal exercises that can be performed with no equipment at all. We are all familiar with crunches, but when you move your workouts indoors you should take this opportunity to incorporate the full range of ab exercises to your schedule.

Let’s face it – workouts that are more comfortable are more inviting. Therefore, you should consider the small investment in foam exercise pads and soft stability balls to enhance your abdominal workouts.


The options for indoor strength training are wide open. Using only your own body weight, push ups are among the best exercises for building and maintaining your overall upper body strength. A simple chin-up bar can be installed in a closet doorway and is a fantastic, low-cost addition to your workout schedule.

Adding dumbbells, barbells and a weight bench to your indoor gym will take your strength training to another level. Also keep in mind that isometrics, in which you use your body’s own muscles in opposition to one another, are a proven method for toning muscles that can be done anywhere without any equipment.


Elliptical trainers, treadmills and indoor cycling require little space and can provide all the aerobic exercise you will need in cold weather. Ellipticals, treadmills and cycling are low impact workouts that burn lots of calories and will keep you fit throughout the year. They are all easy to use and that is one of the keys to maintaining your fitness level through indoor workouts.

Jump ropes are another simple option for indoor aerobic exercise. If you have a place to mount a speed bag or even a heavy bag, boxing provides another fantastic opportunity for indoor cardiovascular exercise. Finally, do not forget that moving your body up the stairways at work or home can burn lots of extra calories and can help compensate for the warm weather activities that you put on hold over the winter.


Just as you would never overlook stretching as part of your warm weather regimen, keeping limber is even more important when it turns cold outside. So be sure to maintain or even improve upon your stretching program indoors during cold weather.


One advantage to indoor workouts is that you can watch exercise DVDs, or your favorite sports or television shows, during your workouts. This will help to maintain your motivation as you move indoors, and it will also provide you with educational opportunities. Learning how to maximize the benefits of your fitness program will help you all year long.

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