November 26, 2009

Holiday Recipe Substitutions

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Tamra Rosenfeld Tamra Rosenfeld

Holidays are a difficult time for everyone to maintain their weight and keep a healthy diet. Here are a few easy healthier substitutions that can be used in holiday recipes:

If a recipe calls for: Substitute:
Whole milk Reduced fat milk, skim milk or skim plus
Sour cream Fat free sour cream or fat free yogurt
Cream soup Broth based soup
Salt or seasoning salt Herbs and spices with no salt, or salt substitutes
Cheese Reduced fat cheese
Cream Non fat cream or milk
White rice or pasta Brown rice or whole wheat pasta
Flour Whole wheat flour
Mayonnaise Reduced fat mayonnaise
Oil based marinades Wine, balsamic vinegar¸ fruit juice, or fat free broth
Butter or margarine Reduced calorie butter or butter spray
Oils, shortening, or lard Applesauce or prune puree in baked goods
Dry breadcrumbs Rolled oats or crushed bran cereal
Eggs Two egg whites or ¼ cup egg substitute for each whole egg
Ground beef Extra lean ground beef or turkey chop meat
Beef chuck or brisket Beef round or loin trimmed of fat
Ice cream sorbet
Pudding with whole milk Pudding with skim milk

November 13, 2009

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Cindy Joseph Cindy Joseph

Excellence in Westchester

I had the belief that NYC was the only place I could find the best of anything. From specialty stores to restaurants, and clothing stores to fitness trainers, NYC was it!

I moved to Yonkers in 1999, looking for the benefits of living outside the city. Within the first few days of landing in suburbia, I was waking to the delightful song of birds outside my bedroom window. In the evenings, I was relaxing to the soothing rhythm of crickets. After a few weeks, chatting with friendly neighbors, sleeping through quiet nights and taking leisure walks along the Hudson River, became routine.

Shopping around town with no worry of my car being towed and the thrill of filling my trunk with mega sizes of everything, was making the transition from city to suburbs progress along quite nicely. And the list of things I was racing back to the city for was growing shorter as well.

However, the thought of replacing my fitness trainer was hard to imagine. I am a Ford Model. The success of my career depends on how I look. I need an expert to help keep me in shape. It took three hours going to and from the city for my workouts. I would sometimes miss the first 10 minutes looking for parking, only to be greeted with a ticket on my windshield afterwards. After a year of this stressful commute, I had spent enough on parking tickets, garages, trainers and gym fees to build a fitness room of my own.

I finally decided to do some research and see if I could find an acceptable trainer in Westchester. After a quick Google search I found one to checkout.

I walked into Vadim Fitness Studio with skepticism, believing I would have to compromise my fitness training. Vadim’s initial persona seemed very serious. However, his dry humor surfaced as he led me through a very thorough assessment. He tested my strength, balance, stamina, endurance, co-ordination and body fat. I was impressed by his level of expertise and his knowledge was vast. My confidence in Vadim was growing as the session continued that day. I scheduled a workout with him right away.

From the first session I experienced results I had not felt or seen before. He helped me recognize my strengths and build on them. He was also able to pinpoint any past injuries and adjust the workout to fit my needs. As the weeks continued, my training with Vadim took my workouts to a whole new level. It was everything I wanted and more. I was certainly relieved when I found his fee was not as high as his level of excellence. He charged half of what I paid in NYC, and no gym fees!

Over the years I have noticed that vanity has not been a great motivator for me to “stick with it.” Although my body was improving in form, Vadim led me to realize it was not my main goal. Vadim focuses on core strength, safety, balance and coordination, knowing overall fitness includes much more than having “buns of steel.”

Not only do I know I am I in good hands with a highly qualified trainer, I enjoy my workouts! Vadim makes it fun. He changes up the routine so I never get bored. He often presents me with new challenges making it fresh and entertaining. Every few weeks he pulls out new and colorful equipment that spark my curiosity and tests me in new ways. My workouts go by quickly because of the great variety of physical training Vadim offers.

Previously, I have never stuck with a workout longer than 6 months. I would get bored and then discouraged. The trainers I had before would use guilt or fear to try and get me back. Vadim uses encouragement and positive reinforcement.

It’s been over a year now and I am as enthusiastic as when I started. My body has never served me so well. I am stronger and more balanced at 58 years old than ever before!

I am now convinced that I can find excellence beyond the borders of NYC. Vadim Fitness Studio has proved that.

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